Friday, April 10, 2009

Rising Water

Yes, the title is correct. We are looking at the James River rising again here in LaMoure again this weekend and into next week with a crest sometime Wednesday. This time they are expecting a possible crest between 17 and 19 feet - possibly 2 feet higher than in March. The US Corps of Engineers will be coming in with contractors to add to the current dikes, add more dikes and the bridge to the west will be cut off at some point as well.

Please keep the people of North Dakota in your prayers. The flooding is not just in our area, but a great portion of the state. Some of those having the toughest time are those in the more rural areas that are having to sandbag their homes, etc. using their own families, friends and volunteers.


Elaine said...

Praying that the river behaves and all will be safe. I like your blog.
SCS blogger

mollymoo951 said...

Oh my! Praying for your safety and that the dikes hold.

((((hugs)))) to you all!