Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cookies, Salad, and Soup

Yep, I've been cooking again. This time it's for the wonderful ND National Guard, US Geo. Service, and all the others who are working in our area to keep an eye on our dikes and also to help with the eroding emergency spillway at Lake LaMoure.

Yesterday saw my kitchen put out a HUGE bowl of pasta salad (that's already gone today) and lots of cookies - Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodles. I sent 12 dozen over to them and saved a few dozen for our family. Tonight, I'll start getting ready to put together a roaster full of Veg. Beef Soup to have there for the noon meal. I sure hope they like it!

I also baked an extra batch of sugar cookies and froze them to send with the High School kids who will be heading to Minot on May 1st for State Music Contest. Shhh! Don't tell Robert and Alisha that there are cookies in the freezer, or they'll eat them between now and then! I also boxed up a care package for one of my brothers in Minnesota, I sure hope he gets more than crumbs by the time they make it thru the mail.

Highway 13 is now open from the west. I used it on Saturday coming home from the Regional Small Group Music Contest in Edgeley. Boy, did that save some time. Here are a couple of pictures as I went thru that area:
By Sunday afternoon, the water that had been over the roadway was gone. Things are slowly improving in the area.


mollymoo951 said...

Yummy! I'm sure they will LOVE the veggie roast soup! The cookies sound delicious. I love sugar cookies. Sounds like you had a wonderful productive day in the kitchen! I'm going back to look at your pictures. Aren't you so glad I "made"...um...encouraged you take lots and lots of pictures? (tee hee)

mollymoo951 said...

Me again! Great pics. I love that sign..."STOP, Take Turns".