Thursday, April 30, 2009

Graduation Question

Here's a quick survey question:

What's your favorite food that's served at graduation open houses?
Leave your answers in the comment section of this post. I'll be interested to see the responses!

This question comes because in a little over 2 weeks we will have company here for our oldest "child's" (he's not really a child anymore) graduation.

My menu is planned, so don't think I'm that far behind. My house is in the process of being cleaned. Items needed for the open house have been purchased and so has the graduation gift (I hope he likes it). We are looking forward to celebrating with friends and family.

Have a great weekend!


mollymoo951 said...

I never had a graduation open house.

But it I was a comin' to YOUR house...hmmm...let's see....I can't think on an empty stomach. I need to go get lunch and get back with ya!

mollymoo951 said...

Ugh. That's supposed to say...IF I was a comin'....

Obviously, I can't type on an empty stomach either. OY!

Dottie Seubert said...

Um when our Daughter had her graduation party , we had a full variety of foods, hot and cold all kinds of snacks and dips. fresh fruit that I cut up and filled a watermelon with. A selection of salads and a large tossed salad as well. sliced tomatoes fried chicken, baked chicken and barbecued chicken, burgers,hot dogs, and a couple of large trays of sold cuts and a nice selection of rolls. I think you have the idea.and don't for get that special graduation cake , I had one made at our local Publix, with her baby picture and her graduation picture on it , It was beautiful and she loved it.
Congrats to you son or daughters Graduation day.
Hugs : )