Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flooding in the area

Who could have ever imagined that the water could rise so high in the middle of North Dakota?

LaMoure and the county have been suffering the effects of the James River. Here are a few photos that we took today, Wednesday, to share with you.

This is a view of the river on the way out of town to the north.

Driving out of LaMoure to the north.
This area is supposed to be a field.

This is a view of the Hwy 46 bridge over the James River near Adrian.
The water should be only in the narrow area under the bridge.

Here's a view of the sandbagging done at the church and a view from just passed the house adjacent to the church:

We worked on Saturday to help fill sandbags for a couple of hours. Then, Easter Sunday afternoon the kids and I worked for 3 hours on sandbags again. Tuesday, all 4 of us went to Adrian to check on the church and also move some items and then eventually sandbag the church and 2 other homes in town. Wednesday brought more sandbag filling as well.

There are many new sites in town, new levies to keep out the rising water, closed roads and bridges, National Guard troops to help keep an eye on the levies for leaks, etc.

Keep the people of North Dakota in your prayers and others have it just as bad and worse than we do here in LaMoure County.

God bless all who are fighting water issues and those who are helping and fighting along with us.

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mollymoo951 said...

Oh WOW! Praying for you all!