Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Flooding Pictures

I thought I'd add a link to some pictures that were taken Thursday of the LaMoure area.

Flooding Pictures

1. LaMoure - looking north
5-17 - Emergency spillway at Lake LaMoure
34 & 36 St. Ansgar Church, south of Lake LaMoure
38-41 - Emergency spillway at Lake LaMoure
42-44 - Lake LaMoure
47 - LaMoure looking northeast
48 - Looking north over the lagoon, just west of LaMoure and just west of the James River
52-55 & 59- Eric Larson home - north of LaMoure on a turn of the James River just before town
56-58 LaMoure - looking south
60-61 - LaMoure
63 - John Deere dealership just east of the James River
64&65&67 - LaMoure school
66 - LaMoure - Trinity is on the left side of the picture

1 comment:

mollymoo951 said...

WOW! I shared these pics with DH. We were in awe of the eroded spillway and the new work underway...I call it the spillway bypass.

I had NO idea that was a JOHN DEERE dealership!

Still praying for y'all.