Monday, September 21, 2009


No, I haven't given up on my blog.

After my son moved to college, my daughter took over his bedroom in the basement. Well, you can imagine that it needed some freshening up. So, after painting the walls, shampooing the carpets and putting sealer paint on the floor underneath the carpet, we got her moved into her larger digs. She's loving it!

Now came the part of what to do to take care of the bedroom she moved out of upstairs. After realizing that I couldn't just wash down the walls and move stuff in there, the paint cans came out. Looking thru what was available already in the house gave me and idea and I ran with it. I only purchased 1 new can of paint and got a great result. The walls are now painted - the floor has been scrubbed - the guest bed has been moved up from the basement - a couple pictures have been hung on the walls - and the room already looks FULL but very nice for a guest bedroom.

With having knee surgery just 3 weeks ago, I think I did pretty well to get that much done.

I will try to post pictures soon.

Anyway, I had a couple of cards ready to post here too, but the scanner is not doing them justice and my daughter has borrowed my digital camera. I guess it will have to wait.

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mollymoo951 said...

Ugh. My scanner goes says "scanner failure"...that's so frustrating.

Santa needs to bring DD a digital camera.